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Below PDF's are stories from my imprisonment 1998-2007.  The entire book is free at:
Stop the Violence 
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In trials and tribulations we press on.  
 Stop The Violence
Stop the Violence Part one.
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Here are some links to Robert Scott's books and parts are wrong.  I am a Corporal and you Todd are not a Marine because you didn't make it two weeks into boot camp.  Also a CO is going to give you a message from me to you Todd Jessie Garton and that is God is coming for you and you will spend eternity in hell.  

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Robert Scott's Kill or be Killed

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Where Violence Will Lead You in the end...  total separation from GOD!

Got ta check out this U-tube for more on the old Dale Lee Gordon.  They don't believe in follow up especially when a person accepts Christ.  Click Here!
Here is some more information on the movie they made about me.  Click Here!
Not quite the truth I like how they depicted us for the thugs we are.  Lynn Noyes is a strong Christian (or so I thought she was on Todd Jessie Garton's side in court) not sure about Norman Daniels, Todd Jessie Garton is still the same evil self. Todd Jessie Garton is a warlock and gay.  Brock Dale Bernstein another enemy is also gay.

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Stop the Violence
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For more testimonials from other people go to Stop the Violence part two click here!
Stop the Violence part three.  Jail art will be scanned when I have money.  Hopefully it will happen in September 2014.
Many of the songs here on this site are things I can relate to.  I too struggle deeply with  many things.  I have been struggling with cursing, anger, and doubt.  I work on websites that are no where in the search engines and pay a lot of money for.  My only hope is in God that he will rescue me and somehow restore all that the enemy stole from me...
I had two others pray for me and the nightmares went away.  amen...
What you see below was a man who was broken. What you see above is a man who is healed through God's power. I was damaged goods but God helped me to forgive those who came against me to destroy me. Their plans failed and a rose blossomed from the pile of dung I was left in. Looking back I see that all the attacks of the enemy were to prove this Job was all in God's wonderful plans and for God's great glory. So in all this I come off with a Spirit of love and thankfulness that what they did was actually a favor to me. AMEN...

One might think I am a person with all my duckies lined up and in order, but I am an average no-body that suffers like so many others do.  I suffer from severe mental illness and deep depression and anger over my past.  I am lonely and heartbroken and I feel like God has abandoned and forgotten about me.  While I am trying to recover it is impossible on my own apart from God.  I have bills stacked to the highest heaven and though God has promised to be a blessing I do not know why the time has lingered on.  I need God's grace and mercy and I can tell you if any of you have ever questioned God you are not alone.  I am continually wondering why God does as he does and why my prayers seem to go into a garbage can.  While I do not want to sound negative about God I am wondering where God's blessings are right now.  My life was severely cursed back in 1998 and now 16 years later the curse remains strong as ever.  Please do not take this wrong but I like many who suffer am wondering where is God in all the middle of  this.  I need you now Jesus and I cannot wait any longer.  Must I remind you God you promised me relief and now it must come to pass.  We live in dark wicked times.  We kill babies and call it legal under the name abortion.  Drugs are so commonly used.  People make a mockery of God tearing down a veteran's memorial, removing all Bibles from everywhere they were once placed.  We no longer swear in on a Bible in court nor do we study the Bible in schools.  While we need to get not only this nation but the world back to God we are failing.  The Harbinger series was written but still America has not repented.  We have fallen from our first love Jesus.  Many pastors are reading from corrupt modern Bibles instead of the time honored King James.  Pastors are more into themselves and money fame and whatever else. Pastors need to look into the book of Ezekiel to see what a pastor needs to do.  We are failing by telling people they are saved and many fall further into sins.  We must warn others as I am doing now that there is folly in believing one is once saved always saved.  Truly it is not over until we stand before the Great White Throne of LORD Jesus Christ.  amen...

Chapter 1 of "Color Your Prison Walls With Love."  Coming soon to print!!!
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Ministry Through The Pen is my latest ministry I have created.  I plan to write several more newsletters.  God told me he wants me to be a pastor to inmates well this is my start.  Until I can get permission and the money this is the best I can do.  Please download and print and if you feel this newsletter is worthy send it to an inmate.  Amen.